Saturday, September 10, 2011

Appredeem Make Free Money with a FREE App!

The first FREE app I will share with you is appredeem which pays you 15-25+ points/cents for downloading FREE apps **that I run and then delete and I still get credited<<I do this for BOTH apps. Appredeem doesn't offer that many new free apps daily but they do have a referral bonus for both the inviter and invitee (+25points/cents). If you mention the person’s name who referred you when you sign up you and the referrer will be credited .25 points/cents. The minimum cash out is .50 cents via pay-pal. They also offer $1.00 (min) gift cards among others.
When I first started with this app I made about $3+ my first day. In my opinion, it is worth the time to download it. It does not take much time or effort and everything is 100% FREE. They do had paid apps which you can choose to download but you do not have to.

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