Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Freebie, Free Things, Free Samples, Give-a-ways, TIPS!

If you are (like I am) signing up to request a lot of different free samples, give-a-ways, deals, coupons etc.,then here are some helpful tips:

  • Set up a Free e-mail address that you use just for freebies etc. This way, your inbox (of your primary email) will not be overrun by deals, savings offers, surveys etc.

                  *Some Free email Clients - Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and Gmail.

  • Use Google Chrome Web Browser for filling out free sample/request forms. Google Chrome has a lovely auto-fill feature that stores your name, address etc. from past forms you have filled out so you just have to start typing your name and your information is filled into the correct fields (you can still edit as normal).
 *These are just a few things that make getting free things easier. They aren't necessary but I recommend them:)

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