Friday, November 9, 2012

FREE Reads for Veterans Day!

FREE eBooks available in honor of Veterans Day 2012

1. Prelude to Reveille: A Vietnam Awakening

Inspired by real-life experiences of the author and her husband, this historical fiction mines the personal histories of protagonist Tom Barrington and other soldiers during this turbulent period. Tom arrived at his first assignment, The Old Guard, in Arlington, VA, in December, 1967. Months later he was ordered to Ranger School, and finally deployed to Vietnam. His young wife, Meg, juggled her career as a new teacher while adapting to regulations required of an Army wife, before entering the foreboding world of the Waiting Wife.

2. Observations of a Retired Veteran


A political operative, who is being stalked by a crazed Vietnam War veteran, hires the clammer/sculptor to protect her while she writes a book in an isolated cottage on a Long Island estate. She is the protagonist’s inspiration for The Jynx, a sculpture which advances his career and turns her into a vengeful enemy. The story takes place in the first nine months of 2006.
4. The Soldier's Ride (The Ride Series)

The old woman – who claims to be an angel – begins a conversation, ignoring the businesswoman's rude lack of interest, and then proceeds to tell her—without even asking if she wants to hear it—what turns out to be an amazing story. It is the tale of a young soldier and his journey from an idyllic small-town home to a World War II battlefield on an island in the South Pacific.
5. Si Klegg, Book 1 His Transformation From A Raw Recruit To A Veteran

6. The Bunker below Believers' Palace: A Short Story

Bored with the monotony of war, he ventures to a secret bunker below one of Saddam Hussein’s former palaces with a quirky German named Hans. Crawling down to the depths of the destroyed structure, he finds more than he bargained for.
7. Whole Once More

Graphic artist Robyn Flynn's life has been in a downward spiral for the last eighteen months and she thought it had finally hit rock bottom. That was until ex-Marine intelligence officer Ryan O'Connor walked in bringing another set of complications.

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