Friday, October 12, 2012

FREE Watch TV, Movies etc Online NO DOWNLOADS or Spam!

I'm not going to do a lengthy review for this site because, I feel, it will sound rehearsed and deter rather than encourage more people to check it out.

I have spent countless hours searching for FREE ways to watch (current/past) television series online and have only found a few site that are 100% FREE; no ads; no viruses; no downloads & NO CATCHES!

Honestly, I am not sure why this site is possible but it is great! I catch up on current shows (The Big Bang Theory;), as well as, watch full series of shows I have never seen, all free!

The site is called You do not need to sign-up, although you can and keep track of your favorite shows, what you have/haven't seen etc (I have signed up, completely safe going on 1-yr now).

Watch TV Online - TV Shows - Series, Episodes, Seasons - SideReel:

*You simply click on the show you want to watch >>> click on "Search Links" (brings up list of links to watch your selection) >>Click the one without the $$ symbol to watch FREE >> Takes you to the TV/Movie you want to watch (No Downloads, Simply Streaming:).

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend:) 

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  1. Television channels are, usually, available by the particular series on the networks website. For example, you can watch Full Episodes of Criminal Minds, Survivor, The Big Bang Theory and NCIS (to name a few) on

    Furthermore, you can watch Full Episodes of Honey Boo Boo, Extreme Couponing and Toddlers & Tiaras (many more available) on

    There are many more options available. Simply do a search for the network that airs the series to see if they offer the full episodes on their website:)

    I know there are other options available but these are the easiest, in my opinion.