Friday, May 31, 2013

What Are SwagBucks and Why You Should Use Them

What Are SwagBucks?
A Review For

What are Swagbucks?

Swagbucks are points that you accumulate through by utilizing their services. This includes a swagbucks toolbar, searches conducted by their search engine or toolbar, daily polls, watching videos, reading their blog posts ect. There are many ways offered to earn swagbucks everyday.

Why do I want Swagbucks? is a great site which, pretty much, pays you for nothing! You only need 450 Swagbucks to redeem a $5 gift card which is the best deal.

My experience with Swagbucks

I came across about a month ago while conducting my daily "freebie search," but that's another article! Anyway, upon signing up I received 80points from this code I had found online but they offer special sign-up bonuses frequently. After that, I started looking for the fastest ways to earn Swagbucks and found a few ways of which I continue to do daily.

Personally, I have redeemed about 7, $5 Amazon gift cards (450 Swagbucks) by barely trying. I do the daily polls every week or so, let a video play or use their search engine.

In my opinion, is definitely worth a few minutes to get free money:)

I will post another article on How to Get the Most SwagBucks/Codes...stay tuned!

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PS You can even GET SWAGBUCKS for Printing COUPONS FOR FREE from their Site and Using them! They have GREAT ONES TOO!!

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